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Everybody has a passion, and for Ramona Cline that passion is skin. For years Ramona has been dedicated to achieving and promoting the very best in skin health for herself and her clients. Her life’s mission is to help people achieve the radiant glow of healthy, beautiful skin through proper skin care and effective product use. As founder and owner of Ramona Cline Skincare in Beverly Hills, Ramona is an aesthetician who has developed her own line of carefully researched, natural products to support skin health in every way. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and as facialist to the stars, Ramona has worked with countless movie and television actors, including long-time clients Brooke Burke, Poppy Montgomery and Lance Black, to improve skin’s overall condition and glow, even under the closest scrutiny. Ramona worked directly with a laboratory to formulate, customize and perfect products she knew would be effective and would produce desired and lasting results. Ramona’s philosophy is that an efficient daily skin care regimen can be effective, without being time consuming or cost prohibitive. Ramona worked from 1999-2003 as an aesthetician at the preeminent luxury property, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, before leaving to head the skin care division in the office of one of the country’s most prominent plastic surgeons, Dr. Garth Fisher of Beverly Hills. Ramona continued to build her skincare practice while also treating many of Dr. Fisher’s pre and post-operative patients. She pioneered many of the techniques she administers, and began specializing in treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, and skin-renewing dermaplaning. Ramona’s passion for skin care began as a young girl, herself suffering from acne and a variety of skin challenges. Having worked with an aesthetician who helped her when she was young, Ramona was determined to move skin care forward to help others. She has watched her clientele grow with men as well as women, all of whom share the same desire—to improve their overall skin condition and health through the combination of regular, customized facials and an effective, efficient at home skin care regimen.