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Vitamin B Serum

Vitamin B Serum

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Ramona Cline’s Vitamin-B Serum is the ultimate moisturizing serum, is instantly calming to the skin. This effective product does not have an oily or greasy feel only soothing and hydrating properties. A hydrating blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that feed the skin. Amino acids feed the skin nutrients strengthen connective tissue and keep the skin smooth and elastic.

• Moisturizing

• Anti-Aging Resveratrol

• Strengthens Tissue

• Softens the Skin

• Repairs Tissue

• Anti-inflammatory


Benefits: Vitamin packed serum giving skin energy to rebuild and grow. Like a daily vitamin boost for the face, Vitamin B serum is packed with a potent and broad array of nutrients, working together to give skin the energy and essential elements needed to rebuild and grow in a healthy and youthful manner. The serum is enriched with key ingredients such as: vitamin B to support key biological and immune functions; L ascorbic acid (vitamin C) an antioxidant to promote collagen stimulation; hyaluronic acid to enhance elasticity, lubrication, plumpness and moisture; quercetin, a powerful flavanoid with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties; nourishing honey extract and selenium, as well as pantheol (vitamin b6), L-proline and more. Vitamin B serum is perfect for all skin types for daily use, and is especially helpful to damaged skin struggling to recover from stress, illness, imbalance or post-resurfacing treatment. This is powerful, topical support for all of skin’s key biological functions, including cell metabolism, circulation and immunity, as essential for the skin as a one a day vitamin for the body.


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

so smooth
This serum keeps my skin moisturized and smooth! I keep it in my purse!!
Review by Wendy / (Posted on 3/20/2014)
Helps my outbreaks
This is a must have. I have horrible hormonal outbreaks on my face and neck at times and using this before the peach wine moisturizer really helps. Sometimes if I don't want to over-moisturize before bedtime, I just use this because I have sensitive skin, and I wake up the next morning and my outbreaks are so much it smells SO good !!!
Review by Sara / (Posted on 7/9/2013)
My favorite!
Can't live without B serum! Been using for over 10 years. Nothing makes my skin feel better than this - it has just the right amount of hydration and makes my skin glow. If I could only have one product in my regimin, this would be it.
Review by Holly / (Posted on 7/9/2013)
The Vitamin B serum takes all the flakes away if you're on a retinoid system.
Review by Heather / (Posted on 7/8/2013)
Love this serum!
So healing and nourishing... A must- have for skin care! Thank you Ramona!
Review by Margo / (Posted on 7/8/2013)