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Firming Serum

Firming Serum

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Firming serum delivers cell support and plumps the skin, improves the elasticity and durability of fragile and thin skin, and provides firming and anti-wrinkle effects while dramatically reducing signs of aging and cell damage.

Gentle enough for all skin types, firming serum is recommended for the following skin conditions: aging and mature, sun and environmental damage, stressed, irritated, weak and damaged, and post-resurfacing recovery.


Benefits: Anti-wrinkle, firming serum penetrates deeply to improve elasticity, durability and detoxification of skin. A potent blend of antioxidants, immune enhancers, moisturizers and strengtheners, Firming Serum penetrates deeply to deliver nutritive support to hungry skin. Powerhouse green tea and grape seed extracts, along with resveratrol and other key ingredients, firm and moisturize, while enhancing elasticity, reducing inflammation and improving the skin’s own natural detoxification process. Helps plump and improve the durability of fragile skin that is thin, damaged or recovering from skin resurfacing or other aesthetic-enhancing processes. A daily necessity to reverse the first signs of aging and protect the skin against future signs of aging, Firming serum lifts and tones skin, helping to fight gravity and boost elasticity.


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Tightening, Firming and Smoothing!
Ramona's Firming Serum is AMAZING!!! I get so many compliments on my skin's youthful appearance (and I'm 39 years old and in the sun all the time! Ssshhhh....) I give full credit to Ramona Cline's skin care products, specifically the Firming Serum, which feels so refreshing on my skin, that I want to drink it! This product is like a miracle for your skin...Tightening, firming and smoothing fine lines...I HAVE to use it everyday!!
Review by Erin / (Posted on 7/9/2013)
Love this serum!
Want firm hydrated skin?! Add the Firming serum a couple days a week. Works wonders for your neck! I would go on national television for free to rave about all of it!
Review by Heather / (Posted on 7/9/2013)